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By midcentury, the global population will likely top nine billion, and more than half will live in cities. In case of urban community there is a preponderance of love marriages and inter-caste marriages. To improve the economic and physical infrastructure and also to provide essential services and facilities to the existing and forthcoming population, planning is essential.

Social distance is the result of anonymity and heterogeneity. Urbanity and density are positively correlated. Not only marriage but also religion, and recreation and politics are more strongly influenced by there is a dominance of the family and hence the social control is exercised with minimum of formality and maximum of command.

In some cases, the TED speaker focuses on a neighborhood project, like The High Line in Manhattan; others describe city-wide transformation, as in Curitiba, Brazil, or a regional or national initiative like China's plan for a network of eco-cities to house its growing urban population.

Realistically, it is mitigated by political and cultural considerations. This contrast is one of social environment.

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The role of country dweller in social life is fixed and so also his thoughts and aspirations. We can approach cities through a narrow focus on an individual building or a neighborhood, expand the investigation to consider a metropolitan region in its entirety, or study the global system of cities and its interconnections.

In a city, the slums of the poor exist alongside the palatial bungalows of the rich, amidst the apartments of the middle class members. All other contrasts pale before this one, which dominates all events, all habits of life, all views of the world.

Urban planning got its start as a profession largely dedicated to averting different types of crises arising from urban growth and providing conditions for public health. This occupation keeps him in constant contact with nature.

Their relationship with others is governed, for the most part, by the consideration of gain or loss. He is therefore inclined to view nature as animate. Division of labour and specialisation are possible because of co-operation. They are as follows: In cities ritual and kinship obligations are diluted.

Status symbols in the form of financial assets, salaries, costly home appliances count a lot for the urbanites.

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Social tolerance characterises city life. There are two aspects in urban planning—social planning and physical planning. The work of an urbanite is highly specialized. The urbanites do not care for their neighbours and have nothing to do with their miseries or pleasures.

Industrialization and commercialization are the dominant characteristics of the city life which affect all other modes of life in the city even education.

Planning also sometimes includes social policies announced by the central and state governments such as housing, education, mental health, criminal justice, community organization and community development.

This results in secularization of outlook. However, we must remember that rural and urban depict modes of community life, not simply geographical locations. An element of chance is always present in city. In an urban community people are more individualistic in their attitudes: This was particularly true in the many 19th century European and North American cities transformed by industrialization and unprecedented rates of population growth.

The urbanite is more sophisticated. High stress is laid on accomplishments. Two schools of thought In modern urban planning, there are two general categories of sustainable development. He is therefore inclined to view nature as animate.

This was particularly true in the many 19th century European and North American cities transformed by industrialization and unprecedented rates of population growth.

There is no single all-inclusive definition of a city or urban community. It is more characterised by diversity. Naturally they have a strong desire for developing genuine social relationships to satisfy their hunger for emotional warmth and sense of security.

There is great variety in regard to the food habits, dress habits, living conditions, religious beliefs, cultural outlook, customs and traditions of the urbanites. An urbanite has more incentives to ambition. This occupation keeps him in constant contact with nature. The social behaviour of people is no more regulated by customs, traditions, religion and group standards.

Urban or city planning is a process for rational, controlled physical and social change in relation to socially and corporately determined goals and objectives rooted in societal or community values.

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Ideally, an urban plan is based on the best social, economic and physical data available and the best professional, technical and intellectual ideas available.

The first part of my essay was comparing and contrasting urban and rural systems within Pakistan and discussing the idiosyncratic differences experienced nationally. I now propose to take this essay on a new route. INTRODUCTION TO URBAN DESIGN & COMMUNITY PLANNING URBAN DESIGN concerns the arrangement, appearance and functionality of towns and cities, and in particular the shaping and uses of urban public space.

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Below is an essay on "Urban Communities" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. -Analyze Goal-Means Gap and labeling in relation to crime in modern urban communities Many factors affect the crime in modern urban communities today.

Dec 17,  · Urban and rural living have a lot of distinguishing features which influence the quality of life to a great extent. Urban living offers a great deal of opportunities to the people including high level of education, a wide range of employment options.2/5(1). Rural Community Presentation Essay.

Rural Community Presentation Assessment of a community is essential for planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs to improve the health of a population.

The urban community essay
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