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There has been conflicting evidences as to the existence of the psychological contract of the public sector worker. Some of the expectations of the respondents include such things as trust, fairness and equity; respect; pay and promotion; recognition; and job security.

Psychological contract

Additionally, in my opinion, managers should deploy such policies like empowering much more for employees in order that employees feel engaged to more responsibility due to autonomy and they feel raised creditability. In countries with an aging workforce like the United Kingdom the generational diversity is likely to be extremely high Hertel and Zacher,making it costly and time consuming for management to implement policies to balance the psychological contract for all.

This is in direct contradiction of the western findings of Rousseau who stated that the employer was the dependant variable and the employee the independent, highlighting the cultural disparity in how TPC is viewed. Due to this, a similarity has been said to exist between a structured interview and a questionnaire.

British Journal of Management. He noted that the productivity of the employees depended on the pay and job security that the foremen provided. Therefore, it is important to know the status of the participant in order to make valid deductions from the other responses.

None of the participants even chose open attitude at all.

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Academy of Management Journal. Lub et al found that different generations held very different expectations of their employer's obligation and their own personal contribution to that organisation, suggesting that a multi-generational cohort solution offers the most effective way to maintain a positive psychological contract with the workforce.

However, there is a wide variance between the psychological contract found in the private sector and what obtains in the public sector. In this case, it seems the prevailing obligation that the respondents were willing to give in return was loyalty.

Organisations should therefore analyse the potential implications of non-effective management of TPC before adopting this policy. Explore our related content. Managing expectations, particularly when bad news is anticipated, will increase the chances of establishing a realistic psychological contract.

Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes. It is however important to note that some authors have recently identified a need for the expansion of the scope of psychological contracts.

Examples are the human resource practices and direct participation the extent to which employees have the power to make decisions and independencewhich have important influence on the status of the psychological contract.

Perry later defined public service motivation using four dimensions which inclde: If more public organizations were used, it would have brought a better pattern to compare and contrast the management of the psychological contract in the public sector. Employee Relations, 37 1It focuses on variables that the researcher is willing to study and expresses them in parameters such as frequency, amount, and differences.

The Journal of Applied Psychology.

How useful is the psychological contract in managing staff in the police service - Essay Example

This research is a very important one as it describes the nature of the psychological contract as comprehensively as possible. I expect to be promoted to the next level.

However, this needs to be taken further, hence the need to rate the level of the fairness and trust. According to Newton and Bristolldata interpretation involves two steps: Getting more than you paid for: Expectations were found to be weak in the Army agency because the employees have come to term with the limitations explaining the unchanging nature of the contract.

And what are the things your employer can expect from you. The 7 step sequence of Gill and Johnson begins with identifying a broad topic which in this case will be the psychological contract as a whole.

Readings in Human Resource Management, What are the expectations of workers in the public sector?.

How useful is the psychological contract in managing staff in the police service - Essay Example

Violation of the psychological contract carries a clear view of a broken promise. It is not yet clear whether the psychological contract explains people’s work behaviour any better than more neutral and simpler concepts.

The psychological contract may be a redundant and complicated concept. Read this essay on Performance Management Psychological Contract.

The psychological contract

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". The importance of managing the psychological contract Fulfilment of TPC from employers has been proven to result in reciprocation from employees, leading to positive organisational attitudes, affective commitment (Tekleab & Taylor, ) and reduced turnover intention (Montes & Zweig, ), which lowers an organisations recruitment and training costs, therefore it increases its efficiency (Wilton, ).

Sims, RR (), Human resource management’s role in clarifying the new psychological contract, Human Resource Management, 33(3), Sparrow, PR, (), ‘Transitions In The Psychological Contract: Some Evidence From The Banking Sector’, Human Resource Management Journal.

Psychological contract breach is a subjective occurrence as it is one’s perception that another has failed to fulfill satisfactorily the promised obligations of the psychological contract (Rousseau, ).

Subsequently, this essay will not only clarify how the psychological contract is defined and how it is evaluated and applied in organisations in reality but also answer the question why a psychological contract is considered as so important in the management of the contemporary employment relationship.

Managing the psychological contract essay
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