Living with damage to the hypothalamus essay

Every morning and evening I had to calm my skin down with cold water and melaleuca-oil cream. So high, my excellent stress management skills were insufficient. The hypothalamus is composed of intertwined neurons or nerve cellsand various forms of neurosecretion go hand in hand with hypothalamic function.

I sort of noticed too that my skin would develop hot spots which were red and if not put under cold water would start to puff up and spread it was actually years before I processed the fact that they were literally hot, and of course none of my health care team noticed.

Imagine that feeding behavior was eliminated when a radio-frequency lesion was used to damage the lateral hypothalamus of a rat, which suggested that cells within this region initiate feeding.

Central Nervous System C. Everyone tests it differently.

But I took it. I swelled up with water so much it was like an instant 10kg weight gain. The lesion may impair the function of a distant neural structure, which in turn alters behavior.

What is the Hypothalamus?

The cerebral cortex is highly convulated in order to increase its surface area. There are four, solid optic lobes, which arise from the dorsolateral side of the mid brain. Neuropeptides function as both neurotransmitters and as neuromodulators, in which they act as stimulators of neurotransmission.

The thermoreceptors and the osmoreceptors in the hypothalamus are receptors that help monitor temperature and ionic balance.

Cerebellum is partially divided into three lobes: That might explain what happened next. This type of neurosecretion is an electrical impulse where one cell emits a chemical substance, called a neurotransmitter, into the synaptic space. The hypothalamus also has a fornix, which begins in the hippocampus and ends in the mammillary bodies.

Which of the following techniques can reveal the three-dimensional detail of the cells within a brain section. The hypothalamus receives inputs from the nucleus of the solitary tract, which provides it with information about gut distension and blood pressure.

The cavity of the olfactory lobes or rhinocoel is not well marked. The thing was my HRV looked like someone having a spastic attack when trying to draw a sine curve or had simply lain down flat.

Drink ice water; suck on ice. Cerebellum is the second largest part of the brain. The key advantage of a reversible lesion is that each animal can serve as its own control. This is something no physician has ever spoken to me about, even when I bring it up. Cut out pepper and hot spices like chili, cinnamon, and ginger because they increase heat.

The person who accompanied me was both fascinated and horrified by the appearing-disappearing hot spots on my face. The doctor and nurse were nonplussed; they probably thought it was a food allergy but I was too dumb to know.

On to that summer.

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The fatigue side effect is what really makes me hate this drug. The hypothalamus is the connection between the nervous system and the endocrine system, creating this link by producing and secreting neurohormones that in turn stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to secrete hormones.

The basalis nucleus is involved in sleep and restlessness. Through all of this, I strived to understand what was going on. The occipital lobe has two areas viz.


The release of neurotransmittors ADH and oxytocin are then transported down the axons from cells in the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei through the infundibulum to the neurohypophysis posterior pituitarywhere they are released into the blood stream. Damage to the anterior hypothalamus blocks the production of ADH.

Damage to the Hypothalamus Essay - “The hypothalamus is a small area near the base of the brain just ventral to the thalamus” (Kalat 90).

The Hidden Secret of Brain Injury: Hypothalamus Dysfunction

It makes up about 1/ total brain weight in humans, and it is about the size of an almond ( A major part of the endocrine system consists of the pituitary gland also known as the Master gland because is controls many body functions.

This gland secretes many different hormones into the bloodstream to target organs and is controlled by the hypothalamus/5(1). Living with Damage to the Hypothalamus Essay Words | 6 Pages Living with Damage to the Hypothalamus Living with some-one who has a tumor or lesion; caused by an accidental trauma to the head, a stroke or a penetrating projectile, ect., can affect many aspects of normal life.

These components include the amygdala, hippocampus, cingulate gyrus, thalamus, hypothalamus, fornix, and olfactory cortex. Also, potential diseases that affect the limbic system will be discussed.

The first structure of the limbic system that will be discussed is the amygdala, which is involved in emotion and memory. Living with Damage to the Hypothalamus Essay - Living with Damage to the Hypothalamus Living with some-one who has a tumor or lesion; caused by an accidental trauma to the head, a stroke or a penetrating projectile, ect.

Essay on Human Brain: Structure and Function

Hypothalamus contains higher centres of autonomic nervous system and controls carbohydrate, fat metabolism, blood pressure and water balance. The Pineal body or epiphysis is an endocrine gland producing the hormone melatonin which controls pigmentation in certain animals.

Living with damage to the hypothalamus essay
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What is the Hypothalamus?