If i were the minister of education

721 Words Essay on if I were the Education Minister of India

Now after writing this I think I should really become the education minister. In the semester system everyone shall have to study throughout the year. The notebooks would be different. We are more or less still far away from our avowed goal of education for all the inhabitants of this vast country.

So, I will encourage application level education. Then I would return to evening education, since a That is also the only way in which we can attract talented young men to this profession. All these decades, our higher education has done fairly well and our technological advancement has been very satisfactory.

If the teachers are unhappy they cannot give their best to the pupils under their charge. The question of unemployment among the educated youngmen would be solved.

Probably they can compare and contrast other countries' curriculum to meet global demands and competitiveness.

If I were the education minister

Classrooms would be facilitated with modern equipments. When they cannot get one, there is frustration and discontentment. There would be no compulsory interview or tests for kids in the preschool levels.

At present the students waste their time the whole year round and then mug up a few questions and take the examination. I shall see that more schools are opened to accommodate the ever increasing number of pupils.

Primarily because of television, people have an expectation of quality in the programming they watch. I think that it is the most important problem nowadays, because of that fewer and fewer people want to work in this profession.

Group work would be introduced which will include projects that should be done in the class under the supervision of a trained teacher, no projects would be allowed to be taken home.

This is about half of each sermon; you could just condense the sermon; my preference would be to break it in half. I would use it to report the score to teachers every week.

Short Speech on “If I were the Education Minister of the Country”

This will help the boys to pick up the local crafts more intelligently and usefully. Because most of the budget places oc I shall make utmost uses of the self-sufficiency theory in these schools also.

Educated Indian still run after government jobs. If I do not get the required sum of money from the minister incharge of finance, I shall resign. If I were the minister of education I would most probably last not more than a day or two, because of two main reasons.

Essay on If I were the Minister of Education of India

The first one is that I would honestly like to bring a change to the content of the educational system. May 14,  · But if I were the Minister of Education, I would be willing to spend money to develop our valuation system.

3. I think English is taught in most schools in Vietnam now. Short Speech on “If I were the Education Minister of the Country” Article shared by In the Directive Principles of State Policy, our Constitution makers fixed as the deadline by which every child should have received free compulsory education.

I would like to make changes in public education. Most students are studying hard just to enter into great universities. From the elementary school to high school, they spent about 12 years to getting high scores to prepare themselves for university.

The whole structure of education seems to be on the breaking point. Ours is a democratic form of government. Everyone high and low can aspire for the highest place in the government if he or she is fit for it. If I become a Minister of Education, I would bring about many changes in the education pattern of the country.

One of my dreams was to become the education minister.

If I were the Minister of Education,

If I become the Education Minister of this country, I think the first thing I would do will be to stop home works in schools. There would be no private schools and all schools would be under the government.

There would be free education for all students.

Essay on If I were the Minister of Education of India If i were the minister of education
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