Flood routing by the muskingum method essay

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Introduction to Flood Routing

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Abstract The Muskingum flow routing method has been very well researched and established in the hydrological literature. Its modest data requirements make it attractive for practical use. The paper gives a general overview of the Flood routing concept and types, and then goes on to explain the Muskingum method in detail.

Most flood routing applications are in the areas of flood flow analysis, flood control design, or flood forecasting. One of the flood routing techniques is the Muskingum method. This method was developed in the 's in connection with the design of flood protection schemes in the Muskingum River Basin, Ohio.

An exact method of solution of the flood-routing equation, when the storage is a linear function of weighted inflow and outflow, is developed. This operation is shown to be equivalent to routing a multiple of the inflow through reservoir storage and .

Flood routing by the muskingum method essay
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