A review of the film the elephant man

Then she turns cruel and allows the rest of the troops to be slaughtered. Another shock comes when it becomes clear that Merrick isn't the imbecile they thought he was, but a compassionate and literate gentleman who's been playing dumb out of fear.

They come across some members of Ghost Nation. Merrick quickly becomes an object of curiosity to high society, and Mrs. As historical re-creation goes, the film looks best during outdoor scenes, even when digital mattes are required to extend skylines and reveal smoldering homes devastated by aerial attack whereas the perfectly lit, amber-haloed interiors have a phonier, more stagebound feel.

One could imagine some other actors in the role; Zachary Scott could have been as malicious, but never as charming; George C. Merrick tells the doctors that he knows how to read, and has memorized the 23rd Psalm because it is his favourite.

However, Merrick is soon kidnapped by Bytes during one of Jim's raucous late-night showings. Calloway, aghast that Lime is alive, tells Calloway who returns with him to the plaza where he finds nothing and is about to leave when he sees a kiosk that leads to the city's sewers and tells Holly that his vision of Lime "wasn't the German gin," adding that "we should have dug deeper than a grave.

She has grown up in a family so organized around Auggie that her own needs can never come first. Why is it so important to bring one man to justice when so many others need care.

John is tended to by Mrs. He is the quintessential "dumb," but likable, American.

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He recovers some of his health, but is dying of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. They eventually bump into Charlotte Hale welcome back, Tessa Thompson.

The Elephant Man

Mothershead, the formidable matron, as the other nurses are too frightened of him. The first half of the film is devoted to the search by his old friend, Holly Martins, played by Joseph Cotton, in Vienna where he meets Lime's lady friend, Anna, played by the ravishing Alida Valli, and runs into a military officer, Major Calloway, played by Trevor Howard, who is also trying to find the elusive Lime.

We are led through our morbid curiosity at the same rate the characters in the film are. Never leave us again. He dominates Cotton and embodies evil, both Mephistophelian and raw.

In the meantime, he helps his mahout elephant driver father with Kala Nag, a large elephant that has been in their family for four generations. Back at the hospital, Merrick thanks Treves for all he has done, and completes his church model.

He believes he must have been a "disappointment" to his mother, but hopes she would be proud to see him with his "lovely friends".

Its greatness lies in its zither score by Anton Karas, its cinematography, its tempo, its spellbinding settings and its powerful disillusionment. He cries, "I am not an elephant. Merrick tells the doctors that he knows how to read, and has memorized the 23rd Psalm because it is his favourite.

Anna could find happiness without Lime. One can easily accept that Cotton would have been admiring of and dominated by Welles, and also that he would be peeved at Howard's disciplined urgency and professionalism. He recovers some of his health, but is dying of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Time for the end credits.

The Elephant Man

Scott could have been as menacing, but never as imposing; Christopher Lee could have been as frightening, but never as riveting. The only other film to be so visually arresting is "The Cabinet of Dr.

Merrick manages to escape from Bytes with the help of his fellow freakshow attractions. Film; Reviews; December 31, PM PT The Elephant Man Screenplay was based on two books about the real-life Elephant Man, one [The Elephant Man. This "true" story of how a baby elephant survived the blitz of Belfast during World War 2 pleases young audiences by making kids the heroes.

Hurt is brilliant as Merrick, projecting in his anguished eyes and mournful body language a humanity past the makeup that embodies so convincingly the pain of Merrick, the original elephant man, whose rare disease was exploited by the people running a Victorian freak show%(15).

Dec 20,  · In one of the most unlikely strokes of inspiration, Mel Brooks, wearing his producer’s hat saw David Lynch’s semi-underground first feature, Erasurehead (), and decided Lynch was the 4/5.

All the latest news, reviews, pictures and video on culture, the arts and entertainment. Jan 01,  · The film of The Elephant Man is not based on the successful stage play of the same name, but they both draw their sources from the life of John Merrick, the original "elephant man," whose rare disease imprisoned him in a cruelly misformed body.

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Both the play and the movie adopt essentially the same 2/5.

A review of the film the elephant man
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